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1) The Source
2) Bring The Pain
3) Linkin Park - Conspiracy Theory
4) Boys in the bubble
5) Rapper sets up Art Centers
6) Linkin Park no longer Nu-metal
7) Linkin Park, The biggest band in the planet wants to save your life (again)
8) The Guardian
9) Linkin Park
10) Linkin Park aims for big follow-up
11) Linkin Park
12) Off To A Good Start
13) The Magnitude of Their Revenge and the Worst-Case Scenario
14) Linkin Park: Inconspicuously Huge
15) Linkin Park Thrives by Forging a Band With Its Fans
16) Linkin Park
17) Are we having fun yet ?
18) Goals achieved, Grammy winner Linkin Park crawling to maturity
19) Linkin Park's mega-platinum debut album
20) Linkin Park does it all: Live, on DVD, in a theater
21) Linkin Park Do Surgery On Their Songs, Not Their Singer, In 'Texas'
22) Don't call us Limp
23) Rap ‘n’ rock with Linkin Park
24) A dream comes true with help from friend
25) Genre fusion 'bridges the gap'
26) A wet, wild revolution
27) Deejays serving up hot rap combo platters
28) Depeche Mode 'Remixes 81-04'; Released October 26th on Reprise Records
29) Linkin Park's diversity project
30) Linkin Park, now successful and comfortable, ponders where to take its music next
31) Linkin Park, Snoop Dog and Korn rock fans
32) Linkin Park cook up collaborations, new album on tour
33) LP to Donate $5 From Every Ticket Sold at Wednesday, August 18 Ford Amphitheatre Projekt Revolution Show in Tampa to Hurricane Charley Relief
34) Linkin Park fans show their love - and expertise
35) Linkin Park
36) Metal/hip-hop show should be a walk in Linkin Park
37) Blockbuster band builds on its rap-metal Revolution
38) Linkin Park tour not kutting edge
39) In the broken heart of Texas
40) Rock hodgepodge
41) Vive le resistance! Linkin Park says it wants a revolution
42) Projekt Revolution Storms the U.S. as Linkin Park and Friends Launch This Summer's Hottest Tour
43) Revolution is in the mix
44) Say you want a Revolution ?
45) Potent matchup in a mash-up
46) Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda Calls Jay-Z To Exective Produce Solo Hip-Hop Album
47) The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
48) 'Collision' hits No. 1
49) Band Aid 20 Tops United Kingdom Charts
50) Jay-Z/Linkin Park - Collision Course
51) 'Collision Course': Its Success Is No Accident
52) Cut-and-paste collaborations have created a beast in music industry
53) Jay-Z/Linkin Park - Review Album
54) "FROM THE INSIDE: Linkin Park's Meteora"
55) Jay Z & Linkin Park - Collision Course Recommented
56) Jay-Z/Linkin Park's 'Mash-Up' Man - Mike Shinoda
57) Linkin Park's sudden impact
58) Linkin Park, Jay-Z come together on 'Collision Course'
59) Linkin Park and Jay Z team-up a curious success
60) Linkin Park Establish Charity To Help Tsunami Victims
61) Linkin Park fans flood Dublin store
62) Linkin Park stays close to fan base
63) Linkin Park to Donate $100,000 to American Red Cross for Eastern Africa, Southeast Asia Natural Disaster Relief
64) Jay-Z, Linkin Park - Collision Course
65) Jay-Z / Linkin Park - Collision Course Views
66) This mash-up crashes to top of charts
67) Music of the Titans: JAY-Z/LINKIN PARK - "Collision Course"
68) Linkin Park keeps it lean, mean and clean
69) Linkin Park may have staying power
70) Linkin Park proves persistent
71) Linkin Park pumps up thousands of fans at E Center
72) Linkin Park shoots to the top of the music heap with 'Meteora'
73) The hopes of a dying genre chill in Linkin Park
74) For Linkin Park, Sales Outweigh Hype
75) Hard work, patience pay off for Linkin Park
76) Linkin Park's Chester Bennington talks
77) Linkin Park Sets 2004 Touring Standard
78) Linkin Park shows staying power with series of successes
79) Music provides teens with an outlet of expression
80) Linkin Park's Chester Bennington talks about stardom and anonymity
81) Land of Linkin
82) Linkin Park Heads Out on Tour
83) Linkin Up
84) Miles more of Meteora
85) New mettle
86) Rock’s finest descend on Download
87) The Missing Link
88) Linkin Park Prepare The Revolution
89) Linkin Park Get Booked
90) Faith, Hope and Anime
91) Park fontman Mike plays it cool as the rest of the band give him the Punk'd treatment
92) Linkin Park are saving the best for last
93) Jay-Z & Linkin Park On A Collision Course
94) Rock 'n' Rollers and Wine Aficionados Join Together for 'World Tour of Wine' Fund-Raising Dinner and eBay Auction to Benefit the T.J. Martell Foundation
95) Numb/Encore: MTV Ultimate Mash-Ups Presents Collision Course
96) LINKIN PARK Schedule Book Signing In New York City - Nov. 29, 2004
97) Linkin Park, Jay-Z Compilation Out Today
98) Linkin Park Feel The Chemistry With Jay-Z
99) Linkin DJ Plants "Seed"
100) Linkin Frontman Goes Solo
101) Linkin Park Guitarist, Brad Delson, Joins the Little Kids Rock Honorary Board of Directors
102) Net label plans music revolution
103) Up in It
104) Hard Rock Heavyweights Visit 'Underworld'
105) Linkin Park Will Stay With Warner Music
106) Outside the Park
107) A heartfelt unity, concert with a cause
108) Linkin Park star visits Bang Tao
109) Singer Bennington Visits Battered Thailand
110) What is true about Linkin Park?
111) Live 8 Philadelphia moment-by-moment report
112) Rockers open school of songwriting
113) A Band Makes Its Case Against Record Label
114) Behind-the-Scenes at the 2005 VMA Pre-Parties
115) Director's Series Vol. 4: The Work of Director Mark Romanek
116) Planetwide Games Rocks the MTV Style Lounge 2005
117) Linkin Park Performances
118) Joe Hahn: Risk and Reward
119) Clock Strikes 'Midnight' For New Linkin Park Album
120) Exclusive: Mike Shinoda Discusses Linkin Park’s New Record
121) Fans Counting the 'Minutes' as Linkin Park Reveal Album Name and Release Date
122) Linkin Park Finish Apocalyptic Album, Revive Projekt Revolution Tour
123) Heavy metal still gold mine inside world of rock music
124) An earful of Korn powers Projekt show
125) 2004 Projekt Revolution Tour: Fans' Reviews
126) LINKIN PARK Singer Says He Is Not Impressed By OZZFEST 2004 Lineup - July 28, 2004
127) KORN Set Release Date For Greatest-Hits Collection - July 26, 2004
128) Four bands urge flouting of authority
129) More Than 80 Concerts Offered, Including Jessica Simpson, Linkin Park, Ozomatli, Josh Grobin and The Cure
130) Jay-Z Tops '2004 MTV Video Music Awards' With Six Nominations for '99 Problems'
131) Linkin rocks the Pinoy Park
132) Linkin Park “Minutes To Midnight” Special Album Report
133) Linkin Park Night
134) It's a rap (not) for Linkin Park on its new CD
135) Linkin Park's new album heralds change
136) Minutes To Midnight Review
137) Review of Minutes To Midnight
138) How to Share Your Faith Using Linkin Park’s What I've Done
139) Hot-selling Linkin Park headlines the "Projekt Revolution Tour."
140) Linkin Park outlives nu metal
141) She's saving the planet with the power of rock
142) Rock Politics
143) Projekt Revolution Tour Aims to Go for the Flow
144) Linkin Park’s latest talks politics
145) Live Review: Projekt Revolution in Devore, CA
146) Chemical Romance upstages Park
147) Boom and gloom with Linkin Park
148) Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance bring the noise in Devore
149) Linkin Park shows signs of progress at Hyundai
150) Linkin Park thinks green on tour
151) Linkin Park, 'Bleed it Out'
152) Microsoft to put 'Halo' on TV - Marketing boom in store for XBox game
153) Linkin Park rocks at the Hard Rock
154) Chester Bennngton records side project with Julien-K
155) Linkin Park Keep It Short And Sweet For Pre-VMA 'Halo 3' Shindig
156) Smoking Section: Kanye West, Linkin Park at the RS 40th Parties in Las Vegas
157) LINKIN PARK Plans Long-Term Support For 'Minutes'
158) Last Night: Projekt Revolution @ Coors Amphitheatre
159) Mash Battle - Win a trip to see Linkin Park in London
160) Rapper Jay-Z hit with lawsuit
161) Linkin Park steers from rap to rock on new disc, tour
162) Linkin Park Explain What Goes Into a Projekt Revolution Tour: Audio
163) Projekt Revolution 2007 Giveaway!
164) Projekt Revolution blends a range of 'Emo' at Tweeter
165) Projekt a study in sonic spectacle
166) Linkin Park show near perfect - Mansfield Concert Review
167) LIVE: Linkin Park At The Forefront Of Projekt Revolution
168) Linkin Park alters sound of annual pet Projekt
169) Linkin Park boots hip-hop for rock on Revolution tour
170) Despite heat, rockers stage successful revolution
171) Linkin Park New UK Tour - UPDATED
172) Linkin Park And Horrors Collaboration?
173) Rocktastic
174) Tales from Linkin Park
175) Linkin Park rises to the occasion
176) Linkin Park vocalist buys Gilbert home
177) Linkin Park Say New Single 'The Catalyst' Is 'A Risk, But Worth It'
178) Does Linkin Park's 'The Catalyst' Rank Among Their Best Videos? (, 26.08.2010)
179) 02.09.2010: Linkin Park join F1 lineup
180) 12.09.2010 - Go Inside Linkin Park's Secret VMA Rehearsal!
181) 14.09.2010 - Kevin & Bean’s Breakfast With Linkin Park (Article)
182) 21.09.2010 - Linkin Parks Chester Bennington Opens Up About A Thousand Suns’ (Article)
183) 12.09.2010 - My MTV Moment - Fan Review (MTV VMA 2010)
184) 01.10.2010 - Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington Talks Album Sales, U.S. Tour
185) 30.09.2010 - New fans come with new sound for Linkin Park
186) 2010 - Linkin Park 'Challenge' Themselves On New Album.
187) 2010 - Linkin Park Helms Haiti Relief Compilation Album.
188) 14.10.2010 - Linkin Park: A Day in the Life.
189) 21.10.2010 - That Linkin feeling.
190) 21.01.2011 - Energy and hype dominate Linkin Park’s tour-opening show.
191) 21.01.2011 - Linkin Park Mix Ambient with Rage in Tour Opener.
192) 19.01.2011 - Linkin Park Brings 'A Thousand Suns' Home for US Tour Dates.
193) 15.02.2011 - Don't Sleep On Linkin Park.
194) 20.01.2011 - Linkin Park's Nuclear Epic "A Thousand Suns" Ignited Both Critical and Commercial Success.
195) 24.02.2011 - Linkin Park’s frontman.
196) 06.2011 - Interview with Chester Bennington on "Metro".
197) 26.07.2011 - Linkin Park Planning Album for Early Next Year.

1) 25.09.2010 — Review Linkin Park: A Thousand Suns (Article) NEW

2004 Meteora Tour Concert Reviews

1) Angry nu-metal just a stroll for Linkin Park
2) Cleveland concert review
3) Emotional peaks galore from soaring Linkin Park
4) Fans of Linkin Park surf waves of angst-ridden lyrics
5) Hot acts on Meteora tour start concert year off strong
6) In the end, Linkin Park stands ahead of dullards
7) Link' plays in our park
8) Linkin Park, cohorts push rock diversity
9) Linkin Park a bit off
10) Linkin Park at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA
11) Linkin Park headlines dark-edged teen dream
12) Linkin Park not yet a headliner
13) Linkin Park proves rap-rock's alive
14) Linkin Park provides amplified voice of reason
15) Linkin Park Provide The Polish, P.O.D. Bring The Energy At New York Show
16) Linkin Park pumps up thousands of fans at E Center
17) Linkin Park Save Themselves By Catering To The Fans
18) Linkin Park shows staying power with series of successes
19) Loud, louder and loudest in Linkin Park concert
20) Modern, classic metal meld well at Linkin Park concert
21) Rap-rockers Linkin Park warms up its fans
22) Series of in the Park hits
23) Toronto concert review

2004 Brasil

1) Linkin Park overcrowded show at Morumbi
2) Linkin Park press conference
3) Linkin Park promise a surprise for fans in Sao Paulo;
4) Linkin Park provokes mass hysteria
5) With a bad sound, Linkin Park in moved 70 thousand in Sao Paulo

South East Asia Concert Reviews

1) Between hard rock and a hard place
2) Dinner at Grandma's
3) High Voltage
4) Interview with Mike and Phoenix
5) Linkin Park 'live' Singapore style
6) Linkin Park delivers powerful concert, despite travel warning
7) Linkin Park Thailand concert review
8) Nu metal band Linkin Park rocks Padang for thousands of fans
9) Smells like teen spirit


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