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KORN Set Release Date For Greatest-Hits Collection - July 26, 2004

KORN have set an October 12 release date through Epic Records for their upcoming best-of set, singer Jonathan Davis revealed this past weekend during an interview with Scoop of the Columbus, Ohio radio station The Blitz 99.7 FM. Several new cover songs have been recorded for possible inclusion on the CD, including PINK FLOYD's "Another Brick in the Wall", PUBLIC ENEMY's "Fight the Power", NINE INCH NAILS' "Head Like A Hole" (featuring a guest appearance by LINKIN PARK's Chester Bennington) and FAITH NO MORE's "We Care A Lot". A full-length collection of covers is also planned for release further down the line, according to the singer.

In the same interview, Davis was asked for his comment on the reports that EVANESCENCE have been performing a piano-led cover of KORN's "Thoughtless" during their current headlining tour. "Yeah, we did a couple of shows with [EVANSESCENCE] in Europe and [they] played it," he told The Blitz 99.7 FM. "It's a huge, huge thing when an artist thinks of doing a cover of one of our songs, it just blows us away, and she [EVANESCENCE singer Amy Lee] does it so beautifully. She's told me time and time again that she's a huge KORN fan. What was really cool was that in Europe, they were supposed to headline over us and she refused to do it and made us headline over them. There's a just a lot of respect there. I think she's a great girl and I love that cover — it came out beautifully. The way I hear things in my head sometimes, the more [time I spend] in a heavy band, I'm more about melody and shit like that, so… when I heard [EVANESCENCE's version of 'Thoughtless'], it was really cool. The melodies really pop out."

Last November, KORN played a free surprise show at the legendary punk club CBGB in New York City and filmed the entire event for a half-hour MTV special as well as a possible live DVD. Asked if there were still plans to release the footage, Davis said, "Yeah, we had a whole camera crew with us. It's really cool. It shows the events leading up to the show and the actual show. It was the most brutal KORN show you've ever been to. It was down and dirty. It's CBGB's and it rocked. It was one of those legendary shows. It was cool to be backstage and watching the kids walk by to go to the bathroom. It was like no gig I've ever done before. We had to have our security guards as barricades pushing the kids back — people getting crushed. It was insane - people hanging off the rafters. It was just a really good time. And everybody walked out of there saying that was the best KORN show they ever saw."


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