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Linkin Park in Brasil

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First page with Mike on it:

The Californian group Linkin Park blew off the Morumbi stadium in the last show of the Project Revolution tour. 75 thounsand people sang and danced with the band.

On the second page:

Not even the rain could cool down the vibe around the Morumbi Stadium. When Chester said that that was the largest show the band had ever done since they started singing as a group, he brought the whole stadium down with emotion. Further, when he asked a guy to give him the Brazilian flag the crowd went nuts. The mix of hard rock and hip-hop of Linkin Park was contagious to everyone in the crowd, regardless of age or sex. "It was awesome" said Emanuelle (see her story below). It was cool to see the crowd's vibration and everyone singing with their lighters. Mike briefed one day before in the press meeting: "I"ve cried already with the emotional proximity that the music rises". It was nice to see that the 75 people who were there were very cool and relaxed, without getting too much stoned (the sales of alcoholic drinks was forbidden inside the stadium). They started with Don't Stay and finished with One Step Closer. They played 18 songs during one hour and 15 minutes of show. And " what a show it was" ....


Emanuelle Barcelos, 16 years old, Taнs Rocha, 17 and Ana Ono, 17, suffered a lot to keep near the gate and garantee the front row in the show. They spentone week camping in front of the stadium, with hardly any food or sleep, they skipped classes and had to take turns to go home to take a shoower .... In short, they lived like homeless, and didn't have much advantage over the other people when they got into the stadium. Nevertheless, on the Monday that followed the show they swore they would do it all again. Emanuelle and Taнs, sice Sunday 5 took turns to sleep in the tent, which they put down in the morning and up at night. "Otherwise, the stadium organizers would complain", said Taнs.
In their backpacks, there were cereal bars, fruits, coockies and a little water - after all, taking a pee was almost impossible. Even in the first two it was OK to use the bathroom. The security guards helped and let the three girls come in. However, when the queue got bigger, it was impossible. "If we got in, everyone would want too", said Taнs. "We started to use the policemen's or the gas station's loo". Ana suffered less because her mother brought food to her and one day she took her to use a bathroom of a mall. With or without sacrifice, the three girls were persistent. But on Saturday 11th, when the gates opened, they got behind. "It was very disorganized, complained Emanuelle. Our gate was the last to open. I stayed on the corner, and Ana rushed and lost her friends". "When I saw I couldn't stay in front of the stage I started to cry and felt too bad". "Then the firemen took me to the entrance gate". "when she calmed down, she went back and got in the middle of the crowd". "I'm not a good fan, I should have saved money to buy the vip ticket". "I was smashed, I stayed in the middle of the boys and got many bruises".
Although they didn't find a good place to stay in the middle of the fans that crowded the stadium they were happy. "It was the best week of my life", said Emanuelle.

"Capricho" Magazine - 23.09.2004



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