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Projekt a study in sonic spectacle

There’s no better time to show off new tattoos and get your cleavage signed than the last Friday before school re-opens.

Luckily, Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance and assorted emo heroes were at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield on Friday to facilitate such critical end-of-summer rituals at this stop on their Projekt Revolution tour.

The motorcade rolled in early, with rising groups Madina Lake, The Bled and Mindless Self Indulgence cranking on the smaller “Revolution Village” stage.
New York’s Taking Back Sunday earned its spot as Projekt Revolution’s most unique spectacle. Front man Adam Lazzara is so psychologically sideways that he can touch the emotionally disturbed demographic without jacking standard noise pop formulas and wearing makeup.

Judging by the number of kids wearing its T-shirts, My Chemical Romance was the tour’s main attraction. From the moment lead singer Gerard Way declared himself the “sheriff of Emo Town,” no pyrotechnic went unfired, and no teenage girl went silent. From the amphitheater-charging “Sharpest Lives” through the lighter “Father,” New Jersey’s dark princes unwound genuine rock pimp moments with raining flames and glitter to boot.

While the emo tide has all but washed up the rock-hop wave that Linkin Park started riding 10 years ago, the two genres actually complement each other well. Linkin Park MC Mike Shinoda’s rhymes pierced the crowd’s collective consciousness.

Shinoda and co-vocalist Chester Bennington might sport pretty-boy profiles, but their laments are the favored battle cries of suburban white kids everywhere. Even after nine hours in the sun, fans had energy saved to sing along to “In Pieces,” “Numb” and “Somewhere I Belong.”

Sure, most teenage girls in the crowd came wearing My Chemical Romance apparel. But when Linkin Park’s mile-high LED blanket uncurled from the rafters to resounding roars, it was clear who most of the Projekt Revolutionaries on hand really came to see.

LINKIN PARK, with MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, HIM and others at the Tweeter Center, Mansfield, Friday night.
By Chris Faraone - August 26, 2007


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