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Linkin Park show near perfect - Mansfield Concert Review

MANSFIELD - Boy, how they’ve grown.

Even though there were three times in the set when you asked yourself, ‘Why are they playing this song?’ Linkin Park more than made up for it by performing a near-perfect, one-hour-and-40-minute set Friday night as part of the Projekt Revolution tour in front of 19,000-plus at the Tweeter Center for Performing Arts.

The last time Linkin Park brought Projekt Revolution to the Tweeter Center was in 2004, and supporting acts Korn and Snoop Dogg carried the show with LP playing a lackluster set.

It was the other way around this year.

Linkin Park was tighter, more aggressive, and Chester Bennington’s vocals sure have come a long way, sounding nearly immaculate.

The group is touring in support of its most recent album, “Minutes to Midnight.” A quarter of the set list was made up of songs from the slowest of its three studio albums. Opening with “Given Up” and going into “No More Sorrow” right after, LP had the fans’ complete attention from the first guitar note.

In fact, the crowd was in a near frenzy before LP played “In Pieces.” Not that there’s anything wrong with the song, because there isn’t, but the pace just didn’t hold up to songs such as “Don’t Stay” and “From the Inside.”
Same went for “Shadow of the Day.”

The second half of the show started off a little slow, too.

“Numb” and a keyboard rendition of “Pushing Me Away” kicked it off followed by an extended intro to “Breaking the Habit” before LP came back with one of the loudest songs of the night, “Crawling.”

Right after “Crawling,” though, LP slowed it down again with “The Little Things Give You Away.”

Don’t get me wrong, the song was poignant — as with any song about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina — however, it just deflated the energy out of the amphitheater.

Linkin Park closed its set with “What I’ve Done” and “Faint” before coming back for an encore.

In its three-song encore, Linkin Park performed “One Step Closer,” “In the End,” and the ever-catchy “Bleed it Out.”

During “In the End,” emcee Mike Shinoda was standing at the barricade leaning into the first three rows of the crowd encouraging fans to sing along.

“Bleed it Out” was the tune that everyone walked away from the show humming, whistling or singing. The catchy tune was extended with a two-minute drum solo from Rob Bourdon.

My Chemical Romance hit the stage before Linkin Park and played to the screaming throngs of teeny-boppers in the audience.

MCR front man Gerard Way was nearly inaudible, a result of holding the microphone too far from his mouth. However, the fans didn’t seem to mind, screaming the lyrics along with him.

Their sound was a little muddled; none of the instruments could be singled out for the first half of the set. The fans didn’t seem to notice or mind, though, as they cheered their favorite band for an hour before Linkin Park. - August 26, 2007



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