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12.09.2010 - Go Inside Linkin Park's Secret VMA Rehearsal!


We're less than 24 hours away from the 2010 MTV VMAs. Down to the wire. And while all VMA performances are created equally, Linkin Park's rehearsal was on a higher level. Literally, since there's a helicopter involved.

I just got back from Linkin Park's rehearsal at the remote location where they'll perform tomorrow night. It'a famous Los Angeles location, and it was absolutely freezing during their run-through of "The Catalyst."

While the whereabouts of Linkin Park's VMA performance is a surprise, I can tell you that it's an iconic location known for its role in movies but not in music. In fact, this will be the first time a musical performance has been staged there. And believe me, it's a place that matches the intensity and dramatics of "The Catalyst," as it pretty much looks and feels like the end of the world.

If you're familiar with Los Angeles, you know it gets cold here at night. Just ask the Linkin Park fans on who'll be featured in the crowd shots. One fan (also a member of the Echelon!) drove up from Arizona. Huddled next to her was another Linkin Park fan in a tank top who contemplated whether she'd rather have a jacket or meet Chester Bennington. "Right now I'd probably say a jacket, but otherwise, yeah. I'd rather meet Chester!" Point is, she was willing to sacrifice warmth to take in Linkin Park's colossal performance.

And colossal only skims the surface. Against a backdrop of fog, shockingly dramatic lighting, the moon and the night sky, and, of course, an iconic landmark that will finally be revealed tomorrow night, Linkin Park looked, well, rock as f---.

After more than a decade in the business and too many platinum albums to count without a calculator (admittedly, I'm bad at math) Linkin Park's probably not too worried about whether they've "made it." But just in case they weren't sure, watching them chant "God bless us everyone" against a night sky that looked like heaven is proof that not only are the at the top of the game, they're on top of the world. - September 12, 2010


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