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Jay-Z and Linkin Park - Collision Course

Very rarely in our Genre does an album of such a compelling magnitude appear and change the entire industry.

We’ve had such classics in Hip Hop as;

Reasonable Doubt - Jay-Z
Illmatic - Nas
Fear Of A Black Planet - Public Enemy
Ready To Die - The Notorious B.I.G.,
All Eyes On Me - Tupac Shakur
The Chronic - Dr. Dre
The Marshall Mathers LP - Eminem
Doggystyle - Snoop Doggy Dog

...amongst a few other very close calls.

What is even more compelling is that when two raw cultured Genres come together and produce such mass combustion that it reigns as a classic project from its inception is even more outrageous!

This is exactly what Jay-Z and Linkin Park have done with "Collision Course"! Six songs complete the disc. All six songs are genius. This is a project that will open a passageway for artists who want to dare to be different as well as those who want to work hard to maintain that difference.

I mean let’s not forget the days of the past when RUN-DMC rocked with Aerosmith or when PE tweaked with Anthrax. But never has a full clip been thrown at the masses with the two Genres of Hip-Hop and Rock blended so soulfully as well as rock driven and comes out sounding like pure music that the Collision Course project.

The track listing reads like a you know what song it is, so it’s already fly, kind of fashion. “Dirt Off Ya Shoulders” is mixed with raw taste and is blended with “Lying From You” for the intro to the disc.

“Big Pimpin’/Papercut” follows and keeps the stride in full flow. "Jigga What/Faint" is the weakest blend on the disc but still holds your attention enough that you don’t have to fast forward the disc. “Izzo/In The End” and “Points Of Authority/99Problems/OneStep Closer” Closes the disc and the rest is history.
Jay-Z & Linkin Park made this one look easy. Don’t close yourself off to good music and miss this disc, history has been made.


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