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Jay Z & Linkin Park - Collision Course Recommented

This project is brought to us by the letters M, T and V. The CD comes with a DVD that has footage of the recording and the show, “Ultimate Mash-Ups.” It’s an interesting idea, and I enjoyed the results. But I wonder how much better it would have been if MTV and its lowered expectations of what qualifies as entertainment would have stayed out of it. I found myself wishing they had spent the time working on an original together.

There are six songs or combinations of songs you have already heard a jillion times. They are all great songs and I enjoyed reliving the last couple of years of Jay-Z’s hits and pretty much every single Linkin Park has released. The live show they did together has a lot more grungy energy than the recordings.

Also, the juxtaposition of Jay-Z’s low-key menace and Linkin Park’s screaming white-boy angst is a little jarring. It works better, however, than the illegal mix of Jay-Z’s “Black Album” and the Beatles’ “White Album.”


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