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Linkin Park, Jay-Z Compilation Out Today


Ever since Aerosmith and Run DMC walked this way back in the 80's, rap and rock have fused, spawning backwards hat-baggy shorts wearing nu-metal bands many would rather forget, as well as some collaborations that are worth a listen. Today (Nov. 30th) marks the release of a collaboration between rapper Jay-Z and rap/metal hybrid poster boys Linkin Park. The CD/DVD release, entitled Collision Course, contains mixes that combine both of the artist's hit songs. You can hear Jay-Z's rhymes from Encore against the backdrop of Linkin Park's Numb, for example, or the lyrics from Linkin Park's Lying against the backdrop of Jay-Z's Dirt. The DVD has footage from the artists' combined concert at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles.

In the MTV aired special exhibiting selected songs from the Roxy Show, as well as footage from the studio recording process, it is apparent that both Linkin Park and Jay-Z enjoyed working and performing together. The juxtaposition of both artists' hits seems to flow smoothly, without sounding forced. Watch for this album to make a rapid ascent up the charts.


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