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Linkin Park provokes mass hysteria

Sao Paulo (Reuters) – Cries, despair attacks and shouts, much shouts. It can look like a boy band show , but it isn't. The rock-rap from Linkin Park turned Morumbi stadium into a truly teen mass hysteria on Saturday night.

Punctually at 10pm, the band entered the stage with the introduction “Foreword”, followed by “Don't Stay”, almost impossible to hear any sound from the stage because of fans' shouting. The show was the first and the only stop in Brazil for the band who finished the tour for the “Meteora” cd which was released in 2003.

With a stage considered simple to one of the biggest rock bands nowadays, Linkin Park only needed the group's logo in a background and four small platforms.

If in theory the platforms didn't attract much attention, tactically it worked well. Each time one of the members step up on the platforms, the public shouts increased a lot more.

“Papercut” provoked the first of the many night choirs, when literally the stadium ground trembled. With only 10 minutes into the show teens are already breathless and fainted on the lawn.

It was difficult to imagine that the hysteria could get bigger, until the band started to play their hits one after another. Chester Bennington the vocalist didn't thank the crowd until “From The Inside”, when the voices of 75 thousand people inside the stadium drowned his voice.

Then came the biggest surprise of the night, when Mike Shinoda was all alone on stage and started to play “Breaking The Habit” on the keyboad, some of the fans got curious but then after the first verse the whole band came on stage to play the song in the original way.

Before “Faint”, and under a slight drizzle , Bennington said that this was the biggest and best show that the band ever had in their career. While the crowd continued to shout the group's name, they started again with “In the End”.

Despite all the agitation, the most common scene of the night were the adolescents with their parents or the whole family. While they jumped non stop, their parents kept their arms crossed and left them alone.

That was the case for Reynaldo Junior , 34 years, who took his daughter and his niece.

For the encore, they sang “Crawling”, bringing the Brazilian flag on stage, and “Wish”, a cover of Nine Inch Nails, that is more unknown, that was the only calm moment during the show.

“One Step Closer” finally ended the show after only one hour and fifteen minutes, but it was hard to leave the stage and some members stayed for a long time and thanked the audience for the warm welcome.

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