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With a bad sound, Linkin Park in moved 70 thousand in Sao Paulo

About 70 thousand people were inside the Morumbi stadium in Sao Paulo to see Linkin Park play in Brazil last night. Their spirit came to the crowd, despite the bad sound that echoed from the stadium. Even with this problem, it was difficult to find someone who was not satisfied with their performance at the end of the show.

The Linkin Park show started on time, at 10pm. The show in Sao Paulo the only in latin America ended the two year tour that the band started after the release of their second album, Meteora.

All the huge success of Linkin Park appeared on stage. During their quick show, that didn't take more than 90 minutes, the group, headed by Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda, mixed well the success of Hybrid Theory and Meteora.
Bennington and Shinoda played guitars to help the heavy riffs made by Brad Delson and by Joseph Hahn. To complete the team, Phoenix and Rob Bourdon hold the strength of the group.

But not even the bad sound could spoil the Linkin Park party. Right in the beginning of the show, Lying From You and Papercut were signs that the night would be heavy. The promise to do a show with “110% of energy” and “rock the stadium”, made by the band on Friday, during the interview, were made seriously.

The show went ahead with Numb, Somewhere I Belong, Faint and Crawling. Then Shinoda started to play keyboard to do a duet with Bennington. Breaking the Habit got a new introduction, light, and full of harmony.

In the loudspeakers, a variation of sounds distorted the Linkin Park music. With this defect, the 70 thousand people helped the band by singing all the songs except one, a heavy cover of Wish by Nine Ince Nails. The crowd, mostly teens, showed that they were not familiar with Trent Reznor.

But one song is still missing from the set list. The fans shouted for more encore and the band didn't disappoint and ended the show with One Step Closer, a track from their first album.

It's time to say goodbye, Chester Bennington and his bandmates thanked the huge crowd, declared their love and said that "this is the biggest show of our career". Who cares about the bad sound.

Terra TV - September 12, 2004


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