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Linkin Park, Korn Singers Offer Advice To New Ba

KORN's Jonathan Davis and LINKIN PARK's Chester Bennington recently spoke to Revolver magazine about the hundreds of bands that have copped their sound in the years since their came out with their first albums. "It fucking sucks," Davis said. "At first, it was totally flattering. The first time I remember was the SEPULTURA 'Roots' record, the one Ross [Robinson] did. I sat there with my fucking jaw on the floor, like, 'You gotta fucking be kidding me!' But I looked up to SEPULTURA way back when, so it was kind of flattering. Then a gazillion copycats copped the sound too. It makes music suck. It's like, go find your own fucking style. We found one. LINKIN found one. And Chester, if I was you, I'd be beating EVANESCENCE's ass."

"It's funny," Chester said. "I met them [EVANESCENCE] in the studio when they were recording their record. We were both recording in the same building. I was talking to [singer Amy Lee]. And she was nice. She said, 'We're having these problems. Everyone at our label wants us to be you.' I told her that's lame. She agreed. She said they went as far as wanting to ask Mike [Shinoda, LINKIN PARK's second singer] to do a part on a song. She said, 'We knew he wouldn't do it.' So they're running around trying to get guys in other bands to do it like he would. ' I told her to be herself and tell the label to put it where the sun doesn't shine. But the next thing I heard was 'Bring Me to Life' with a guy that sounded just like Mike. It was a little upsetting."


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