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Projekt Revolution

=Linkin Park, one of the most innovative and influential forces in modern music, have taken a giant step forward in bringing great live entertainment directly to the fans with Projekt Revolution, a gala festival featuring a stellar line-up of artists who together with their tour partners have positioned the day's festivities as an all-around fantastic fan experience. The festival, which announced its headlining performers earlier this year at a press conference in Hollywood CA, will launch July 23 in Cincinnati and storm across North America throughout the summer.
The announcement of the second stage performers, and participating event partners, achieves the goal of enlightening fans of all ages musically, while engaging them in a day of fun. "For us, Projekt Revolution is the idea of not only bringing different kinds of bands together, but all types of music and music fans," Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington says. "It's really a festival that's open to anything that's good."

"When we had the opportunity to develop our own tour, we wanted it to reflect our eclectic taste. We wanted to surround ourselves with groups that represent the facets we're into creatively," guitarist Brad Delson adds. Projekt Revolution isn't simply a tour; it's a state of mind. Like its organizers, Linkin Park, Projekt Revolution is about annihilating the boundaries of genres. "We chose the name because we wanted the tour itself to be revolutionary and we wanted to tap acts that we thought were leaders on the cutting edge or breaking ground musically," Delson says.

There's a music business rule of thumb that defines the third album as the make or break album. In its third go-round, Projekt Revolution has definitely "made it." In past years Linkin has shared the stage with Xzibit, Cypress Hill, Adema, and more. But this year's incarnation is a smorgasbord of multi-platinum acts, including the previously announced hard rock heroes Korn, rap icon Snoop Dogg, who Delson calls "one of the most important hip-hop artists of all-time," up and comers The Used, and punk rockers Less Than Jake. "This year's tour is pretty exciting because we feel like we have a show with at least three headlining acts," Linkin Park rapper/producer Mike Shinoda says. According to Delson, the one common thread uniting all of these acts is their willingness to defy categorization. As a result, he says of the tour, "It attracts open-minded music fans with eclectic tastes. Projekt Revolution has become one of the most relevant tours for people who don't only listen to one style of music."

The Revolution Stage complements the force of the main stage with an equally impressive and eclectic lineup this year, highlighted by rapper Ghostface (who got his start with the legendary Wu-Tang Clan), the UK's Funeral For A Friend, hardcore East Coast rapper M.O.P., and socially conscious and musically hardcore downset. Throughout the tour, acts such as No Warning (an up-and-coming Canadian hardcore band), Instruction (which features Tom Capone from the legendary emo-hardcore band Quicksand), as well as Autopilot Off (who are quickly gaining notoriety) will be joining on for small regional stints. Check local markets for these acts. Additionally, throughout the day, look for the amazing turntable skills of DJ Z-Trip, who will be hyping up the crowd with great tunes and good times throughout the tour on the main stage. To further add to the festivities, there will be a daily performance by Ivan Mariquez, "the urban action figure," who will be dazzling attendees with his one-of-a-kind acrobatics and breakdancing.

Aside from some of the best music on the planet, Projekt Revolution will also include the "Revolution Village," a series of interactive exhibits from the tour's event partners. The interactivity between the event partners and musical acts on the tour gives the festival-goers a unique day of fun and is clearly another reason that Projekt Revolution is the new leader of the festival traveling concert experience. Attendees can experience:

* WRFF (Wild Ride Fly Faster) creators of the unique WRFF rider, which will be available at the festival for test drives. "WRFF is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the Projekt Revolution Tour," remarked a company spokesperson. "Linkin Park has created a totally unique mix of Music and Interactive Entertainment that is perfect for WRFF lifestyle." WRFF will also be hosting a Slamball 1/2 court facility for concertgoers over 18 to experience for themselves. This high-flying combination of basketball, football, gymnastics, and extreme aerial maneuvers has captured the imagination of a new generation of sports fans. Slamball, America's first team action sport, has been featured in the past on ESPN & Spike TV.

* Major League Baseball Properties will offer concertgoers "Access To The Show" at The Projekt Revolution Tour 2004. The MLB Road Show is a traveling Major League Baseball experience with video game kiosks featuring MVP Baseball from EA Sports as well as pitching and batting cages, all of which concertgoers can enjoy free of charge. "We know in this day and age that value for your money is a big deal for our fans, and with the addition of our tour partners Projekt Revolution really offers that! The band wants all the fans to walk away from the show not only safely, but with a giant smile on their face!" says Chester Bennington.

* SoBe Adrenaline Rush compound, where festival-goers are invited to try their hand at music producing at one of SoBe's special digital mixing stations. Fans will be able to create their own beats and mixes using music from many of the Projekt Revolution artists and then download their personal mixes online. Several other special guests will also be coming along. Painter Duy Huynh, who will be harnessing the day's events on canvas in each market. A variety of other special guests dropping by the SoBe booth to hang out and sign autographs including Mike Vallely, a pro skateboarding legend. Plus, you never know when his band "Mike V and the Rats" might make an unannounced disturbance.

* Blockbuster featuring the GAME RUSH lounge is another key Projekt Revolution sponsor. The GAME RUSH Lounge will feature a variety of interactive and experiential video games for fans to explore in a comfortable lounge setting. A few lucky attendees will even get to play against a Linkin Park band member and there will be an open invitation to decorate the lounge with artwork and tagging.

One of the most adventurous and provocative entertainment extravaganzas of this or any other musical season, Projekt Revolution is set to revolutionize the festival experience for a whole new generation. MTV2, the tour's media sponsor, will constantly be publicizing new events that are announced in the months leading up to the tour's kick off this summer.

Linkin Park Underground, take notice: the band promises this summer's shows will be something special as the band brings the Meteora tour to a conclusion. "This is the last tour for the Meteora touring cycle. After this record we're going to go write another record. It will be a while before we're touring again. We really want to finish off our touring cycle in a big way," Shinoda says.




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