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Park Life

Linkin Park have taken rock music to a new level. Singers Chester Bennington, 29, Mike Shinoda, 28, guitarist Brad Delson, 27, DJ Joseph Hahn, 28, drummer Rob Bourdon, 26, and bassist David Michael Farrell ("Phoenix"), 28, started making music together in southern California about ten years ago. They sold more than 14 million copies of their first album, Hybrid Theory, and more than six million copies of their second album, Meteora. In November, the band released a CD/DVD set with rapper Jay-Z, on which they mix some of their songs with his. It includes the hit "Numb/Encore", which combines Linkin Park's song "Numb" with Jay-Z's song "Encore". The set, called "Collision Course", was Number One in the US and sold more than 350,000 copies in its first week.

In late December the band started an organization to help people in Asia after the flood. This month they are finishing their European tour and will then go on tour in the US. Chester and Rob talk to Spot on about the song "Numb", being famous and their future plans.

Chester, why do you have so many tattoos?
Chester Bennington: There's a lot of pain. It has kept me grounded and lets me know that I'm vulnerable and that there's pain that can be endured.

What is the song "Numb" about?
Chester Bennington: It could be about a lot of different things. It could be about being with the wrong people, realizing you're becoming like them and wanting to change. It could be about wanting to find yourself and not be the person your environment has made. People should decide for themselves what the song means.

Has being famous changed your lives?
Rob Bourdon: As far as our personal lives go ... they're all the same as they were before ... The only bad thing is that sometimes we have to go away for a long time and we miss our families and friends.

You've made a record with Jay-Z. What will you do next?
Chester Bennington: There really isn't a limitation to what we'll do or who we'll play with or where we'll go ... We can play with anybody ... anywhere in the world, and I think it will be a good show. We've always looked at ourselves as the band that brings a lot of different things together. - April 12, 2005



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