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Interview with Chester Bennington

Projekt Revolution Starring: Linkin Park, Korn, The Used, Less Than Jake.
When: July 23rd-September 5.
Where: Amphitheaters whose parking lots are loaded with scores of extremely bored parents.
Watch out for: That pool of vomit in front of The Used's Bert McCracken.
Don't miss: Linkin Park's genre-defining Depeche Mode metal.
Don't bother: Wondering what pimp Archbishop Don Magic Juan is still doing onstage with Snoop.

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, he nu-metallers get one step closer to the edge with Projekt Revolution.

Spin: Any good tour horror stories?
Chester Bennington: At Jones Beach on Long Island. Total equipment failure. All of our DJ stuff was completely gone--there was no power in any of it. All of our drum samples went dead. It's Linkin Park with nothing but raw instruments. You listen to "One Step Closer" and there's nothing but guitar and bass. Then I physically transformed by body into a visualization of what was happening onstage, and by the end of the show, I was running around in nothing but my shorts. I had no shoes on, no shirt, no jewelry. I was basically singing a cappella. Kids were like, "What song is this?" Hopefully, it'll be just this good when we come back to Jones Beach.

Spin: What's your favorite summer song?
Chester Bennington: I like "Summertime Rolls" by Jane's Addiction. In the summer, I also listen to a lot of the Beatles and the Smiths, although the Smiths aren't that upbeat and summery.

Spin: What's backstage going to be like?
Chester Bennington: I definitely think there's going to be a lot of partying on this tour. Definitely more than we're used to.

Spin: You may have to become Bert McCracken's big brother, and Snoop will be the uncle.
Chester Bennington: Well, Snoop did call me nephew! I think he calls a lot of white people "nephew" 'cause it's better than "cracker" or "honky." Who knows what goes on in Snoop's mind besides pure genius?

Spin: Careful, he's probably got strong pot.
Chester Bennington: I was hanging put with Snoop Dogg for a day, but I had to do an interview and set [a joint] down on the table, and all of a sudden--I'm in the middle of an interview--I hear "Damn nephew! That shit smells better than uncle Snoop Dogg's!"

"Spin" Magazine - July 2004



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