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Interview with Linkin Park

It's a pleasure to have you guys here on our show and first of all, Welcome to Thailand
Chester Bennington: Thank you very much. It's really exciting for us to be here also, thank you.

Is this your first time in Thailand?
Brad Delson: Krub (Thai word that means yes in English and everybody's laughing....)

Have you had any Thai food since you've been here?
Chester Bennington: Yeah, actually the first night we came in, our record label took us out to a very nice Thai dinner and the food was exceptional as we expected 'cause we really enjoy Thai food back home so to come here and have real Thai food was a pleasure.

How about you Brad, Thai food?
Brad Delson: I've just had Pad-Se-Ew. That was really good.

And Rob, how about you?
Rob Bourdon: I had my favorite, Pad-Thai.

First of all, let me tell you since you have never been to Thailand before. It’s a very rare occasion indeed for this sort of concert to be organized and arranged, this is incredibly unprecedented, this is the first time that the tickets were sold out like in days, it’s never happened before even if Michael Jackson sort of mention his name. You are probably the biggest act in the past 10 years. How do you guys feel?
Chester Bennington: I guess we really quite expected that, it’s really quite an honor for an event like this to be put on just for us. I actually heard that this is the first time that this venue is used in Thailand and everything you see around us used to be a huge car park and they just basically laid the concrete last week just for the show. It’s really overwhelming and quite surprising to us but it’s really an honor for us too.

How about you Brad? It seems like you have a welcoming smile, I mean how do you like Thailand so far since you’ve been here?
Brad Delson: Well, this is our first time as I said earlier in Thailand. We’re just really pleased to be here. We’ve heard a lot about Thailand but it’s nice actually to experience it for ourselves. One thing I’ve noticed in particular from the moment we got off the plane is that the Thai people are very hospitable and very friendly, everyone really made us feel like home here so I think this is definitely a place that we wanna come back too.

Excellent & nice to hear that. How about you Rob? How do you like Thailand so far?
Rob Bourdon: I love it. Actually I remember doing a report on Thailand when I was about in the fifth grade so I learnt a little bit about Thailand here. I hoped I’d be able to come here one day and be able to do the show in front of so many great fans that we have here.
We were impressed in the fact that you guys at such a young age, you have basically conquered the world. Have you ever dreamt that this success would come so fast so early in your lives
Chester Bennington: We never…..I think any of us have never expected to play in other places other than in Southern California and some small clubs and some barbeque with friends in the backyard. We love music with great passion and to be able to do this for a living and actually be able to travel all over the world and have thousands of fan here. It is something that we’ve never expected to happen to us so we feel really blessed that we have the opportunity.
Brad Delson: I think that we were really fortunate to have some of the best fans particularly in Asia & Southeast Asia. The experiences we had in this part of the world, I really won’t forget. The hospitality of the people especially here in Thailand as I said earlier really goes along well and making want to come back. We just wanna thank all of the amazing dedicated fans for making this event possible and also thank our record label and the promoter BEC Tero for doing an amazing job.

Now can you guys walk in your neighborhood, walk in the street back home in the US? Can you guys still do that?
Rob Bourdon: Well I think actually at home we can walk around and no one really cares that we walk around but when we go to other places and leave our country, we’ll get recognized by people who are happy to see us.

Is it the pinnacle of your happiness? You come to your peak. What do you think? Is it what made you happy the most?
Brad Delson: This interview is actually the happiest I’ve ever been in my entire life, being with you two. (Everyone’s laughing)

For you Rob, is there anything left undone in your career in your life?
Rob Bourdon: That’s a good question. I mean we’ve done a lot and we’ve gone further than we expected and we were really excited about the show tonight and we’re gonna get a chance to play in front of more than 30,000 of our fans in Thailand and we just wanna continue making music and keep doing this because we love doing it, we just wanna do it for as long as possible.

Thank you so much you guys for being here and good luck, the best of luck with the Thai tour.
Chester Bennington: Thank you.
Brad Delson: Kob Khun Krub (Thank you) Sa-Was-Dee-Krub (Hello)
Rob Bourdon: Thank you.

Twilight Show, Thailand - June 20, 2004



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