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Linkin Park pumps up thousands of fans at E Center

WEST VALLEY CITY -- So, who was louder here Tuesday night, Linkin Park or the crowd? It was the crowd, hands down.

All the high-tech electronics and gigantic speakers couldn't compete with thousands of rabid fans filling the nearly sold-out E Center, screaming and singing as they caught Linkin Park's return to Utah on the tail end of their Meteora World Tour.

The group's brand of hip hop and rock is nothing new by way of musical genre, but the formula they have created for writing songs -- mixing anger and melodies -- has struck a chord in the global music world.

While album sales and concert attendance fall for such bands as Korn and Disturbed, Linkin Park is selling out arenas worldwide, putting on a show of grandiose scale.

With video screens offering a flurry of images for those who might not be able to see the band members and singers Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda as they constantly traversed the elaborate stage, Linkin Park rolled through such hits as "Runaway," "Papercut," "Points of Authority," "Don't Say," "Somewhere I Belong," and the hit song that started it all "One Step Closer."

Linkin Park has recorded only two albums worth of material but they had the E Center crowd singing every chorus of every song, word for word.

Before Linkin Park took the stage, three bands warmed up the incoming crowd. Hoobastank did a good job with heavy riffs and an energy, touting new tunes from their recently released second album "The Reason."

For a chuckle, the group played a short rendition of "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun," girlish vocals from singer Douglas Robb and all.

Next up, P.O.D. played a set of uplifting tunes including a batch from their new record "Payable on Death," including their hopping single "Will You."
Despite an enthralling laser light show and a lively singer, the band didn't get much reaction until they played mega-hits from their 2001 album "Satellite," including "Boom," "Alive" and "Youth of the Nation," during which the band brought a group of fans on stage to join in the singing.

St. Louis' Story of the Year's punk and emo sound, which opened the concert, was probably missed by a large number of people because of horrific traffic conditions surrounding the E Center. The band Linkin Park jams at the E Center in West Valley City.

Salt Lake Tribune - February 12, 2004


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