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Linkin Park a bit off

Linkin Park is by far the best-selling nu metal group in the genre's history and the band's success isn't without precedent.

The sextet manages to mix in enough hip hop, heavy riffs, electronic treatments and melodic pop sensibility into songs such as "Runaway" and "Place For My Head" to grab a wide-range of listeners. And it has a stage show that showcases its youthful exuberance and athleticism as players and performers.

Although this show wasn't up to the standards the group usually reaches.

Chances are that lead singer Chester "Chazy Chaz" Bennington still hadn't fully recovered from the bout of flu and laryngitis that lead to the band cancelling a show last week. His usually strident vocals were far from the 50-50 mix that they often keep next to rambunctious MC/vox Mike Shinoda on albums such as Hybrid Theory and its successor Meteora.

The sound -- even in the Coliseum -- was good enough to hear, or rather not hear, Bennington in the mix. Good on the guys for bringing the noise with a good mix to a venue notorious for crap acoustics.

For all that Chester's been better, the group nonetheless managed to keep the very-well-primed, but not sellout, crowd screaming itself hoarse with approval for the rhythmic pulse pounded out by relentless drummer Rob, acrobatic bassist Phoenix, Les Borland-esque guitarist Big Bad Brad (who must be saving his hearing for adult life, judging by the huge headphones he sported all night) and the incredible Mr. Hahn. Big ups to the latter for actually adding DJ elements to what the group does that come across as integral, not filler.
Equal kudos are merited towards opening acts Hoobastank for a tight, melodic set that says, "We may have more to offer soon" and the totally solid P.O.D. While Sonny and the fellas need more material in the set equal to crowd-pleasers "Youth of the Nation" and "Alive," the quartet has its heart in the right place.

The Province - February 13, 2004


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