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Interview with Mike and Phoenix

Linkin Park vocalist, Mike Shinoda, promises to perform ‘differently’ in today’s show in Pantai Karnaval.

Later today, Linkin Park will hold a live show in Pantai Karnaval. Linkin Park realizes that their live show in Texas has already been distributed as a DVD in Indonesia, and this is why they promise that today’s show will be different to their previous shows. “We will change the settings, the background of the stage and the setlists, so that the people who had already seen our concert in our latest DVD, will not be seeing the same thing today,” said Mike Shinoda, the vocalist of LP during press conference. Also attending the press conference, bassist Dave ‘Phoenix’ Farrell.

About the travel warning issued from the U.S government, Mike admits that he never knew about it at all. Besides, LP already promised their fans in Indonesia to play here. Phoenix added, “There is always risk involved in every place we have performed and we have chosen Indonesia because of the huge number of LP’s records sold here. This concert is our appreciation to our fans in Indonesia. We have been waiting for a long time find the correct timing to perform here.”

When asked about the type of music they play, Phoenix and Mike said that it is none of LP’s business. All they do is combine various types of music, so that it resulted in a rock/hip hop type of sound. “We’re just lucky that we don’t have to name the type of music we play. That’s other people’s job,” said Phoenix. “That is the record company’s responsibility. They and the record stores are the ones that should decide which category we fit into,” Mike added.

“Our inspiration when writing our lyrics can come from many things, such as emotions and things that we have experienced from the past. We also take notes on the messages that is being spread through our songs,” said Mike. “ The messages in our songs have no ‘deep’ meanings. Sometimes, simple things in our lives, we use as themes in our songs. Such as hope, positive thoughts, and emotion,” Phoenix added.

SCTV, Indonesia - June 13, 2004


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